In the Assign Host Access Privileges panel, select a host node. This informationenables you to monitor your disk drives or analyze why a disk drive failed. You can use a virtual disk in this state but resolve the problemas soon as possible. The event log page is displayed. Whichever topology is used, each data host has dual-portedaccess to volumes through both controllers. The default file name is store.

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Expanding Virtual Disk CapacityYou can expand the capacity of a virtual disk by adding drives to it. You can also view and configure theSNMP event filter and the web page caching mode.

The task remains in the current state until an associated schedule initializes thetask to run again. Click Convert To Master Volume.

Only one rollback is allowed on the same master volume at one time. Problems Scheduling TasksIf your task does not run at the times you specified, check the schedulespecifications.

If you clicked OK, a message indicates whether the operation succeeded. It also describes solutions to problems you might experience when usingSMU. Position — Assigned rack number and position of the enclosure within therack, or 0: Expanding a VolumeYou can expand a standard msa20112i or a snap pool if the virtual disk has free spaceand sufficient resources.


Ensure that the cables are securely connected.

Solved: Driver HP pG3 fc/iscsi scsi enclosure device – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community

The Licensed Features Installed panel shows whether a license certificate file isinstalled and the status of licensed features. Allowed charactersinclude letters, numbers, hyphens, underscores, and spaces.

Page 86 Adding a VolumeYou must have free space in a virtual disk before you can add a volume. PHYs are tested and verified before shipment as part of the manufacturing andqualification process.

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Viewing Installed LicensesTo ssci installed licenses: Clearing all individual events is useful if you want to clear all the individual eventsettings so you can set up a new custom configuration. Module StatusYou can view summary status information for each controller module and allenclosures in the storage system.

Page maa2012i Understanding the InterfaceThe topics in this section describe elements of SMU pages and provide help fornavigating pages: The Add System User panel displays the current list of configured users.

To view module status: Page 52 Configuring Network Management ServicesYou can configure network management services and in-band management servicesto limit the ways in which users and host-based management applications can accessthe system.

In the IP Configuration panel for each controller, set appropriate values ksa2012i yournetwork. For example, an over temperature event could cause a drive failure. RAID 0, 1, 10, 3, 5, 50, and 6. Do not log in more thanonce from the same host. Replace thedisallowed drives with ones thatare supported.


HPE 3PAR NULL INF for SCSI Enclosure Device

Isolate andreplace and failed hardwarecomponents. These systems take 24x 2. A dual-controller MSAi storage system uses port 0 of each controller as onefailover pair and port 1 of each controller as a second failover pair. Current Owner — Either the preferred owner during normal operation or thepartner controller when the preferred owner is offline. Page 31 Configuring User AccessBy default, the system provides three users that can access the system.

The Host Port Configuration panel displays the current interconnect setting. The setting can beEnabled, Disabled, or Don’t Modify.

A snap pool and its associated mastervolumes can be in different virtual disks, but must be owned by the same controller. Page devoce To add spares to a virtual disk: You may also like.