Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. I still have the Viewsonic A75f I bought brand new connected to an old Pentium 3 system. Recycle and move on. I finally dumped the last of my big CRT’s over the summer Iiyama 21″ but I too know the pain of giving up on a 22″ Mitsubishi Diamondtron. Guess it turned out that getting the final pieces in place was infeasible? Might have better luck being near a college town or bigger city. Sun Nov 02, 3:

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That is a very interesting effect, and it looks like an authentic arcade CRT of some sort.

Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2040u NF – CRT monitor – 22″ Series

And in any case, my monitor’s SuperBright dianondtron does a good job offsetting the loss in brightness without washing things out or monito with colors.

The result is quite authentic while still being nice and sharp. Rise of the Triad modding site! Might have better luck being near a college town or bigger city. The doubler doesn’t split the image it only passes it through.

Looks like the original news I saw about some players namely Samsung, one of the larger ones stopping production wasn’t true after all.

22″ Mitsubishi Diamondtron — Just junk it? – Ars Technica OpenForum

Click [here] to see my collection of retro bliss! There are others than the Framemeister, it’s very much the Cadillac of the devices. Mar 20, Posts: Toss them up on your local free classified listings and see if someone wants them, but otherwise free up montor space in your closet for other crap. Arguably, they also dominate at resolution independence, but with high DPI screens becoming more available, they will also become tolerable in this area.


I remember focus pot misadjustment causing negative reviews for df blurry picture. Too heavy, old connectivity.

Display Image Aspect Ratio. I haven’t followed it since – this was a year ago maybe – but it seems like the big players don’t feel like OLED can be made economical versus improving LCD, or perhaps a third technology they hope might take over. Right now, unless you’re John Carmack doing frame latency reduction investigations I can’t see a reason to keep them around. Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor.

Fri Oct 24, 5: So there might be hope yet. I like to put my electronic junk I mean lightly used items out on my front porch railing with a sign on them “FREE”.

22″ Mitsubishi Diamondtron — Just junk it?

As for the scanlines, I found that simply adding them on top of a p image has a nearly identical result to a “true” p image. Time to go, as hard as that is, I had some Sony Trinitrons go that route.


Sun Nov 02, 3: Factory Preset Resolution Modes. Yorkshire it’s grim oop north Registered: Older low rez games seem to take advantage of this artifact to give a better appearance, and it seems like some sort of antialiasing effect without blurring image.

It is a small circle, but there is still an interest among some gamers for the response times and the large improvement in mnoitor blur relative to non-strobing LCDs. He said he had problems with the 60hz line scrolling on camera and it couldn’t focus; what a dumb arse.

It looks like an arcade monitor of some unknown type that never existed. Mine is hooked up to a 65″ Plasma, so the price didn’t seem all that bad.


May 27, Posts: While it is capable of displaying “true” p using the Hz trick, this shot is actually in superwide p x aspect-corrected to 4: Also, the doubler doesn’t comb filter the image it appears, on P material not even manually ; it only works with strict NTSC signals.

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