While still at SRS Scott considered various names for the future company, and was particularly partial to the word “euphonic” meaning “of pleasing sound”. If you already have an established MyEuphonix user account, there is no need to create a new account. The main differences being; the Fusion offers limited expandability of the DSP core and is marketed in a narrower range of configurations, being targeted at the smaller scale console market segment. It is, in most technical respects, identical to the larger System 5 console and shares all of the basic hardware components of the platform. By day employed at Stanford Research Systems SRS , by night he developed the preliminary concepts for what would become Euphonix’s first product, the Crescendo. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Analog audio passed into each module in the Audio Mainframe, was processed in the analog domain, and then passed back out as analog audio. Initially, Euphonix was econ financed.

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With the exception of the talkback microphone in the Mix Controller, all audio passed in and out of the Audio Mainframe. The Crescendo was coded entirely in Z80 assembly language, eeucon nearly all of the 64KB of program memory space available to each. Click here for registration problem email support and a representative will get back to you as soon as possible with assistance – please be sure to specify the trouble you’re having.

We regularly update the functionality of the software, so be sure to download the latest version to enjoy the best performance with your Artist Series controller.


This was very helpful from an acoustic standpoint, as the fans required to cool the Audio Mainframe were noticeably loud.

Retrieved from ” https: The S5 Fusion is a derivation of the larger and scalable System 5 platform. Log in to your My Artist Series account: Languages Deutsch Edit links. The Euphonix approach to using digital logic to control multiple analog signal chains stems from original ideas by Scott Silfvast.

Designer Rob Silfvast studied under William Kerwin and Lawrence Huelsman both credited with inventing the state variable filter at the University euocn Arizona. As payroll and burn rate grew, private investing was secured.

Additionally, since the circuitry in the audio modules could be arranged completely independently of the constraints imposed by a conventional mixer’s control surface, the Audio Module was able to achieve some of the best analog audio specifications ever seen in this type of product. A third Zbased processor euconn MPU—resided inside the Master module and was responsible for system booting and initialization, system management, inter-module communication and communication with an external PC.

The MPU module controlled access to the shared memory via a bus-address-based time sharing scheme with handshaking. Your console came with 1 year of Avid Advantage ExpertPlus support with Hardware Coverage so please check your support plan expiration date. Hybrid EuCon DAW control uecon offered as a cost option on the larger System 5 console and its inclusion in the base system is the rationale behind the marketing term ‘Fusion’, the ‘S5’ part of the product name is derived from ‘System 5’.

Init was acquired by Eupnonix. Since most controls e.

Euphonix’s analog consoles quickly found favor amongst musicianscomposersEuphonox stationspost-production houses, opera housesand other venues throughout the world. It is notable for the inclusion of the Hybrid EuCon Digital Audio Workstation control protocol functionality as standard.


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Euphonix’s all-new designs won many industry awards. Eventually the name “Euphonix” was adopted.

The Crescendo’s architecture was highly unconventional for its time. Pro Tools S6 Choose a pre-configured S6 system or build your own. We trust your Avid Artist Series controller will fulfill all of your needs and expectations, but should you have a question or problem regarding your product, please make use of the documentation that we have developed.

If you already have an established MyEuphonix user account, there is no need to create a new account. The parametric equalizer used a state-variable filter topology implemented with MDACs and accurately modeled in the Laplace domain aka “S domain” eucom, resulting in the first on-screen frequency response curve, displayed in real time as parameters were changed, for a mixing console.

Matching out of Automation across multiple DAWs is now possible. Still having log-in problems?

EUCON 2018.3 Now Available—What’s New

Pages using deprecated image syntax. At the same time, younger brother Rob Silfvast designed the Crescendo’s 4-band parametric equalizer, one of its hallmark technologies, as his senior project at the University of Arizona. If you do not receive the confirmation email, check your junk or spam folders.

It continues today as a premier supplier of audio electronics to a variety of industries.