Yeah, I actually ended up installing xp and the guns detected no problem. Many games that support it allow the A and B buttons to be swapped, making it comfortable for both right and left-handed players. Or so I read on another forum. Apr 6, Posts: As well as being stick in XP again, may or may not be a problem, depends on your needs.

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Please Help! how to get guncon 2 to work on PC monitor and house of the dead 2

When windows is fully booted: Send this topic Print. Tested the software with Original Guncon2’s, Mame. Prior to the Guncon, the Konami Justifier was the first light gun peripheral for the PlayStation and a few games support it. That’s not easy and I have not a good enough knowledge and time.

Look forward to learning more avout that project. In Duckhunt gunon is easy to see where the gun fires because a crosshair stays visible after the shot, very usefull for calibration purposes.

Lightguns for PC Games: Which Hardware / does it work :: Hardware and Operating Systems

Basically it is a two part project for the GunCon2 – a software screen flasher and a hardware timer circuit to fit shots inside of the white screen flash. This allows me to detect the guns sepparately and send the flasher delay the trigger some milliseconds and shorten the trigger duration to be inside the flash lengh.


The controller is released in black in Japan, and gray and eventually, in orange in both Europe and North America. Open the “gunguncon2” folder, then the “x64″folder en run the “Gungun” gunocn file.

GunCon – Wikipedia

Whats the difference between guncon 1 and guncon 2? I guess a hz display could work too if everything was syncronized but Guncon was only ever designed to work on 50hz or 60hz displays.

Yeah, I actually ended up installing xp and the guns detected no problem. Hey in 2 player mode.

I have actually managed to get them to install on a virtualization of windows XP or what window known as XP Mode, but the guns do not detect. These new buttons served to open new gameplay opportunities, such as character movement in Dino Stalker or the ability to use two guns at once in Time Crisis II. Works on windows 10 64x res x, tracks wkndows after calibration during calibration doesn’t track correctly the right edge, but after pushing start everithing is perfectI’ve doesn’t lost the track yet, it seems your last fix works fine.

I only wondered if the most recent windpws simply “see” the bright rectangle, my largest concern is that the devices might not work with non-constant refresh rates I’m also planning to get a g-sync or dindows monitor at some time Although I’m acutally looking for a gun, I’m also pretty excited about the idea from videogames, if i remember right, the wiimote was pretty accurate.


Oct 12, Posts: Information seems to drop off pretty quick as the posts get more recent. Or so I read on another forum.

Whats the difference between guncon 1 and guncon 2?

The guncon 2 improves on the guncon 1: The 32bit driver would be suitable for Windows XP. May 28, I’m not opposed to swiping an actual tv out card off ebay if I can score one for cheap. For some reason it did not work well with 2 players in Mame Any help would be appreciated folks. I’m also seeing a message in information view of Wingun that it cannot load the profiles.

Tue Jun 11, 5: Thanks for the tip concerning gguncon.

vuncon Hello, New version v0. I hope you can make this software work with a signed driver. The Guncon 3 features a “sub-grip”, mounted underneath the barrel and extending to the left side for use with the left hand.

The original controllers used traditional light gun technology, while newer controllers use LED tracking technology.