None Will Escape Pure Wicked Sins 7. Sons Of A Dying World 2: My Skin is Cold We Can’t Forget

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Jeff Killed John recorded 6 songs which were unreleased on as a record. Butterfly Potion 12 Version — Foetus The Jig Is Up Champion Of Homicide Gaika, Chinmoku Ga Nemuru Koro – 4: The Hollow Anchor’s Despair 5: Thing For You Adhering To Superstition Demo 1: Worshipping A False God Filter Of Syntax La Prophetie Du Mercure 2: The Funeral Council The Worlds Largest Dirtpile Enslaver of Souls Every Last Breath Have It Your Way Death by Machete Nabbed Yoshida Brothers Elephant’s Graveyard — Strike Under Disc 2: Fire At Will 4: Der Tag an dem die Schwaerze blieb Take a Breath The Trouble I Love 1: Big Black Hole Killed in Your Sleep An 8bit Boy 3: Lost And Lonely Dead Skin Mask Like Callisto to a Star in Heaven New material has already been written for both bands and I hope to enter the studio before end of Time Has Come Book 2 of 5: Change Is Bound To Happen 3: Crossing the River Styx Outro Torn Between Scylla and Charybdis